INC Sikar

Placements' Process

INC aims to match the requirements of the corporate world with the aspirations of the students. The placement and summer internships are an integral part of any business school's annual calendar activities. INC has a well laid out and systematic process of dovetailing its student's career aspirations with corporate expectations. The placement team identifies the potential recruiters; leading companies from relevant sectors are invited to the campus,  where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the students's ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the industry.

Summer Internship Program
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As a Compulsory part of curriculum, students are required to undergo Summer Internship with an organisation for a period of 16-18 Weeks. The Internship has dual objectives:

Firstly, It allows the student to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom and hone their ability to define, diagnose and analyze a specific managerial problem and search for its appropriate solutions.

Secondly it gives, the student a glimpse into the present corporate environment and an appreciation of the interpersonal and influencing skills required to excel in the workplace.

Having handled a live platform, the  student comes out of the Summer Internship with much more understanding of management issues facing the organisation, a greater appreciation of operating variables supplemented by a cognizance of the larger business environment.

Final Placement Program
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The Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is followed by scheduling of participating companies for placements by allotting the day and time, When they can begin their recruitment process. The entire selection procedure of a company has to be carried out within the time frame allotted to them. Companies may invite CV's of interested students and shortlist students on the basis of their profiles before coming on the campus.
Campus Placement may include written test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview.